Friday, April 8, 2011

Questions & Answers....

Many times questions are there on the path of Truth. We try to know beforehand what will happen next. But we forget that this knowing is not knowing.

Questions come from the mind, they come from thoughts. When we get the answers too, what happen? The answers that we get are from the happenings of others, they have gone through the experiences and relate to us what happened to them. Just hearing these answers, do not make us know the reality because to know, one has to experience.

On this path, questions and answers have no importance. More you have questions, more your mind will work on the answers and more thoughts will be there. You will waste a lot of energy just by thinking about the answers.

From my experience, i've realized that one must go within deeper and deeper into himself.  All answers are found within. These answers will come as your own experiences. Answers from others are only on the periphery. But your own experiences will be your truth. Questions will be there, divert your mind, don't let these questions be your master. Let things happen on its own. This path is mysterious...don't try to discover it by mere words....but discover it on your own, in silence. Know it from one layer to another layer, drown yourself in it. Enjoy the bliss.

The day you realize that questions have no importance, that day you'll know that you are really silent. Your thoughts will not be there to torture you. Go within deeper and deeper, don't let the mind play games with you. Just feel that you don't have mind, you have only heart. Do everything as per your heart wish.

Your experiences is your truth. Be yourself. Enjoy the fruit of existence every moment. More you are far from your mind, more you are close to your center of being.

Love to all..............

Shivoham - Nirvana Shatkam - Sri Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya - by Sri B...

The Door

i was from this side of the door
i was in total darkness
when i started climbing the stairs
i found my inner light was dimmer
i fell many times because i was not seeing clearly
in that darkness
i climbed more stairs
and the light became brighter and brighter
i could see where i am
and i could see the door in front of me
i was very tired of climbing the stairs
arriving at the last step
just before the door
i was exhausted
i said to myself
now it's time to relax
till the door open by itself
till am welcome inside
i waited and waited
i forgot completely about the door
as if the door didn't exist
i just relaxed totally
and lo
all of a sudden
the door opened
and when i stood on the doorstep
i found that darkness is behind me
and in front of me there's radiant light
i was just in the middle of both light and darkness
just one step to cross the door
and i was in
lost in radiant light
am not present
only radiant light is present