Saturday, October 18, 2014


Everyone goes through various tough situations in life but how they handle them is the most important.

You will discover that when you are in a very bad situation, you will first feel hopeless. You will find that it is impossible to deal with. You cannot find a single solution to it. Your mind is blocked.

This feeling of hopelessness will, in return, creates two feelings, patience and anger. Now, it is your turn. You have to choose one in between the two so as you can develop it. 

Both feelings will be present at first, and the one which you are going to choose will, in return, kill the other one.

Most people choose anger, so the feeling of patience is killed. As you know anger can only ruin you and hurt other people too.

Why is anger the first option for many?

This is because when you feel hopeless, then many negative thoughts come in a sequence and start tormenting you. If at that precise moment you become aware, then you will not take these thoughts as your guide. You will rather choose the other option which is patience.

This is why you must practice Awareness regularly. This will save you from many obstacles in life.

At that moment, you go on drowning in them and these create the feeling of anger. Then, what you do is that you use your inner force to increase that anger. Once the level of anger has increased to some extent, negative actions start. Then, it becomes difficult to get hold of you. Destruction takes place.

If you choose patience, then all your inner force will be diverted to it. It will make you more stronger and the feeling of helplessness will dissolve. Awareness will appear and this is when you will get the right solution to your problem.

So, beware which one you choose next time. 

Monday, October 13, 2014


Maa, how much free will do we have? Is our destiny fixed when we are born?

This is a question which was asked by one of the seekers on the path to Truth and who is among the ones who are close to me.

Well, I know that my answer will shock many of you but I can reveal only the Truth. If you want to accept it as it is, then it will be good for your own inner growth.

Let me explain:

The level of Awareness of all newborn babies are not the same; it is as per their inner evolution. Their future are not predestined when they are born. Destiny depends on the way you act based on your thoughts and emotions.

How is the level of Awareness of a baby measured when he is born?

As you are all aware, it needs a man and a woman to create another human being. The man and the woman have different level of Awareness depending on their deeds. 

When they decide to have a baby, both energies meet to create this tiny human being. It then depends on the levels of negative and positive energies and the level of Awareness at that specific moment.

When these two energies meet, a tiny human being is created but his Awareness level depends on how much negativity and positivity his parents have brought in him. 

For example:

If the father has more positive energy than negative and the mother has the opposite or vice versa, then the two levels of energies will determine the baby's level of Awareness. He will either attract more positive energy or more negative depending on his parents.

As he grows up, he will start having thoughts and emotions. He will start acting accordingly. He goes on accumulating negative and positive energies depending on his level of Awareness.

The earlier he accepts the Cleansing Process, the more quickly he will increase his level of Awareness.

So, the idea about having past lives is not true. The idea about knowing about one's past life is just a tradition. Past life exists only in the level of Energies. 

When a person dies, he is transformed into energy. No physical body is attached. 

If you want to know more on this topic,then I will be authoring a book soon on Life, Death and After Death. 

Till then, lots of blessings to all.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Last week, my physical body was sick for two days. In fact, it was not a sickness really, it is only that it had to be in a stillness mode so that the intensity of Cosmic Energy could increase more than before. It was making the physical body inactive, so I had to take a lot of rest.

This preparation was there because a great work was about to be performed from this physical body. It has to be ready to be able to bear all the pain of others. This is why I created the event in Facebook about a Healing Session.

Though not everyone was aware of it, the healing was done. It was for the public in general. I did it for everyone and the pain was there present in my physical body but the intensity of the overflow of Cosmic Energy covered a thick layer of the pain.

The duty of my physical body was to absorb the pain of others and the Cosmic Energy was burning it.

What was happening during this Healing Session?

I transmitted Cosmic Energy to everyone and this Energy was entering them from the top of their heads. For those whose 7th Chakra was not activated yet, was at that time activated and for those who was already activated, it was very easy for the flow of energy to enter them.

The energy then, entered and passed through each cell of the physical bodies and burned the blockages such as negativity and illnesses. The intensity of this energy was at its peak today and those who were receptive, must have felt it too. Many illnesses were cured and some must have felt a decrease in their pain too.

That was like I was bathing you in the intensity of Cosmic Energy and as from now on you will find an increase in your Awareness too.

Only those who were receptive at that time was aware of the happenings.

So, be with this energy as long as you can.

Lots of blessings to all.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I started writing as from the year 2010 after going through my first Realization. It was not that easy but I tried to pour myself in these writings so as to reach all of you because I knew in a way or other they will be of great help to everyone.

So, as I was expanding more and more, I continued on with my writings. In fact, I shared many experiences and Realizations with you in this Blog. I just want you to know that from 2010 up to 2014, a lot of Realizations happened and each Realization was greater than the other.

In fact, as per each Realization a new light of Awareness shined and one by one , each Supreme Knowledge contradicted the experiences I had in the past.

So, what I want to say here is that since I started with this Blog, you will find that I had written a lot of experiences about Gods and all, but after my last Realization, my writings had changed completely. I don't mention any God as such rather I talk about how to live a better life, Cosmic Energy, Awareness and Pure Consciousness. This is only because after my last Realization, I had known the truth about the Gods.

In fact, I wanted to delete all my past experiences then, so as not to confuse all of you but the reason why I kept them is just because many of you do have the same beliefs now which I had in the past and I did not want to give you an instant shock. I wanted you to understand first. I know that many of you will go through all the past experiences which happened to me and those past writings will help you when you have any questions or need help.

The Path to Pure Consciousness is not that difficult. It needs only your sincerity, faith, effort and strength. It is the path in which you will have many experiences but you must not stick along with them otherwise you will not be able to go more deeper within. These experiences are like small realizations which are increasing your strength and are deleting each belief system one by one till you reach to zero belief. 

Then, finally you are in a physical body but you use it as a tool and at the same time you know that all the belief system is not real. 

Reality is who you are as a being. Here, I mean the 'State of Being'. At the end, one is in the physical body but at the same time in the State of Being.

The 'State of Being' is a state in which one lives in Pure Awareness and Cosmic Energy permanently. There are neither thoughts nor emotions rather there are spontaneous actions.

This is the State where many do not want to be because they still want to be attached to either their close ones or materially. In fact, many had misunderstood me too because they expected me to be emotional too but this is impossible for me. Once the scan has happened, it cannot come back again.

Being in this State of Being, one is away from the sufferings which thoughts and emotions bring to you but yes, as he or she is still in the physical body, it does fall ill sometimes because of the changes of the physical body. The State of Being remains forever but the physical body will perish one day. 

So, there are three things that happens in life:

When State of Being is connected with the physical body, then actions come in the third place. It means that the physical body and actions are guided by the State of Being not by thoughts and emotions.

It is very difficult for many of you to understand this till you do not realize it yourself.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


If We Always Do What We Have Always Done Then We Will Always Get What We've Always Got
Yes, if you always do what you used to do, then you will always get the same. 

Life is to grow and growth does not remain the same, it expands whether it is for the physical body or for the states of being. While growth is happening, you have to know the essence of it and for that you have to understand every change that is going on.

Life is not to be lived as you used to live it rather it must be settled along with the changes of growth. You must understand each phase of your life, then only you will be able to accept them and be happy as you are.

Make effort in your own inner growth rather than creating obstacles in your own life.

I know it is difficult to do so but as we have always heard in the past that 'Practice makes Perfect', I can say that nothing is impossible. It needs only your effort. Your regular practice will increase your level of understanding.

Life is beautiful and it is not that difficult to live it. It is you who make it difficult.

If you start practicing regularly to understand yourself better, then it will be easier to understand other people too.

What makes life difficult?

It is just that you want it to be as per your expectations. Many times it happens that you are not in good terms with your close ones, friends or relatives and this is just because you do not understand them. This makes one become tensed and create many illnesses later.

Know that each person has a level of understanding and you cannot expect them to understand you completely. In fact, you do not understand yourself totally, then how is it possible that you can understand others.

So, the key to live a better life is understanding because if you come to understand yourself and others, then you will find life beautiful and easy to live.

What you must do so as you can understand yourself?

First, you have to step into understanding your own nature. In order to understand, you will have to dig your emotions one by one and go deep into each one. Don't let any thought come in between to interrupt you otherwise it will distract you from the right track.

Understand each emotion and don't react to them, just observe them. By observing them deeply, a path will be created which will take you more deeper. This means that your level of understanding is going to increase. You will come to know it later by how you deal with others, whether you understand them better than before. In fact, you will definitely notice your evolution in your understanding level.

A person has a whole life to live and it is best for him or her to live it peacefully and blissfully. For that you need to work on yourself. Don't create obstacles in your own life rather work out to make it the best.

Lots of blessings to all.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Everyone has aims in life and it depends upon the person whether that aim is a negative or positive one. Many people have some major aims such as they want to be successful in their career, love life and so on, and if they are sincere in these aims, then they are positive ones.

There are some who go as per their negative thoughts and thus, aim for revenge, lust and for their own advantage only. They can go to extremes just because of these negative thoughts. They are not sincere at all and the way they will talk to you or act will really make you seem that they are trustful persons.

So, how will you know if the people who are approaching you are along with positive or negative intentions?

They will come to you and talk very kindly but you never know what is behind all this kindness. If you want to be always on the right track and you don't want to welcome problems, then there is only one solution.

You have to have that capacity of knowing who is coming to you with a positive intention or a negative one. It is only then that you will be able to avoid and reject the negative one and welcome the positive one.

Don't forget that you have to be always on the right track. Do good actions in the present so that you do not welcome problems along with sufferings in the future. For that you have to be aware of whatever you are doing.

So, if ever you want to know if the person who is approaching you is positive or negative, then you will have to work on yourself. Work in increasing your Awareness. It is only when your Awareness is increased to a high level that you can avoid many problems coming your way.

Many people find rituals more important than meditation just because they want to continue on with their old traditions and beliefs and also because they think that by doing any rituals, all their obstacles will disappear but this is totally false. Obstacles do not disappear with any rituals rather they disappear when you go on increasing your Awareness level and act as per Awareness itself.

Well, I can say that people are more addicted to noise and this is why they have chosen rituals because meditation push you to absolute silence and for them, absolute silence is like death. For them, rituals are to be alive and meditation is death. The more they will go away from meditation, the greater they will attract negativity.

With rituals, your negative thoughts will never leave you.

Just tell me, you have been performing rituals since a long time, have you been able to erase all your negative thoughts?

I know very well that it is not possible that way. You will continue on having negative thoughts because rituals are not the proper way of erasing negative thoughts and obstacles from your life. Only Awareness can do this work for you and to increase it you will have to accept the Purification Process which can happen only with Cosmic Energy.

So, in order to save yourself from bad intentions of people, you just have to work on your level of Awareness in order to increase it and then, you will come to know spontaneously when a person is negative towards you or positive. You will also come to know about whether his aura field is negative or positive, even if he has not done any action yet. You will be able to read his mind too.

So, you can benefit from many things only in increasing your Awareness.

Be always Aware, and live life peacefully and blissfully.

Friday, October 3, 2014


'Shaktipath' means the transmission of Cosmic Energy to another person. In fact, it is only the person who is overflowed with this Energy who can transmit it. He or she must be permanently without any thought or emotion, then only this transmission can be of greater intensity to bring spontaneous transformation to the other person.

'Shaktipath' in another word is what you call 'Blessings' and this is because it purifies you and transforms you into a blissful and peaceful being. 

Here, it depends upon the one who is receiving it because if at that precise moment, he is not ready yet, then the Energy will enter him but the quantity will be very less. 

Not to be ready means that if at that precise moment that person is busy with his own thoughts or if he has never practice meditation before.

To receive Shaktipath, one has to be receptive and empty, then only Cosmic Energy will do its work as it should be. Be silent within and let It purify you.

Shaktipath for me is like birth and death because when I give Shaktipath to the seekers, my physical body experiences both birth and death in a fraction of seconds. I give whole of me to that seeker and then I'm born again.

Birth and death are connected with our breathe system. If it stops functioning, then one experiences death and when it starts functioning, one experiences birth. This is how I transmit Cosmic Energy to others. At that specific moment, there is no physical body, only this Energy is present and that also with great intensity which can trigger a great transformation for the true seeker spontaneously.

So, don't take Shaktipath for granted either for the one who is transmitting it or the one who is receiving it. I know that there are many persons out there who are giving Shaktipath while they are still with their own thoughts and emotions and what happens is that in this transmission it is not Shaktipath rather it is the transmission of thoughts and emotions that take place.

Beware, if Cosmic Energy gives birth to you, then it also gives death. So, don't play with It. It is with It that you have taken birth and without It you are a dead person.