Monday, December 15, 2014


This is a question which is in everyone's minds. The famous answer to this has been always:

"In order to come out from the cycle of Births and Deaths."

What I am going to tell you today is that one has to be practical. 

Let me explain:

Being practical here I mean that first you know that you exist, right?

So, when you exist, it is obvious that you know that you exist in a physical body. In order for this physical body to survive, it needs food. It also needs clothes and a house to be protected.

All that is needed is only for the protection of the physical body. So, what is happening here is that a human physical body is here and various things were created in order to protect it.

So, now there is Life ahead and one has to live it. In fact, life is like a path on which you have to tread on. 

It is like the stepping stones you are seeing in the picture above. This stepping stone is beautiful and also slippery. If you do not want to slip from it and fall down, you will have to keep a balance of your physical body. You will have to step on each stone very carefully.

Once you fall down, you will get entangled very easily and it will be more difficult for you to be again on the right path. I am not saying that it will be impossible. In fact, it will be more difficult because more effort, energy and time will be needed to be back.

Every time you fall down, you will experience sufferings. These sufferings are experienced mostly by your emotions.

You very well know that in life there are lots of ups and downs. People normally say that there are so many obstacles coming their way. In fact, it is not the obstacles which are coming your way, it is you who are going towards them. The path is slippery and it is you who have to walk on it very carefully. If you are careful, then you will not fall down.

You will have to transform these stepping stones into flowers. Your life is here, let yourself blossom with lots of fragrance.

Many people have misunderstood the term meditation. Meditation, in fact, helps you in guiding yourself to walk on the path of Life carefully. It helps in making you aware of the obstacles that are there in front of you.

You are the one who sees the obstacles in advance and the decision also is yours whether you want to go towards it or fly above it.

It is like the bridge you are seeing in the picture above. Under the bridge, there is danger. So, you have two paths here. The first is under the bridge and the second is on the bridge. You always have a choice and this is where when you are not aware, you go for the danger one.

Meditation is about bringing you closer to your own Awareness. It is about making you aware of how to live life without sufferings. You suffer just because you go on knocking your head over each obstacle. 

Life is here and you have to live it in this physical form. Your main priority must be that you have to live it in such a way that you do not attract more and more sufferings towards you. You have to live it peacefully, blissfully and beautifully.

Blossom like these flowers you are seeing in the picture above. 

Be full of colors, fragrance and brightness. 

Shine beautifully.

Live each of your moments by being aware.

Walk on this path of Life carefully.

Know your strength.

Be helpful to others by helping them to be aware too.