Thursday, July 31, 2014


Meditation is not something that can be taught rather it is to be lived. You can listen to whatever is being said on Meditation, you can try many techniques too but the most important of all is to have deep understanding. 
Once that deep understanding is rooted in you, then you will find the death of beliefs and a new birth of knowing takes its place. One stop believing in anything rather whatever one knows is the truth.
Nowadays, there have been many facilities for one to meditate. For example, one can meditate in a more comfortable atmosphere, sitting on a comfortable sofa along with supported cushions and we can also find that most seekers do have a place in their homes where they can meditate without any disturbance.

Aurorae Spa Organic Lavender Yoga Meditative Mist Aromatherapy Spray is made from essential oil blend, purified water and castile soap. It is non toxic and its lavender scents relieves stress, relaxes the senses and opens the creative spirit of the mind. It re-energize the body, mind and spirit, freshens your personal space and calms your inner turmoil.
You can spray it on your yoga mats, car interior, linens or anywhere you feel like that needs to freshen up the atmosphere.



In fact, you deserve a place to relax and go far from the rushes of everyday life. You have to revive your energy and for that you need to be in a comfortable and silent place. So, put all your stress in the dustbin and relax totally.