Friday, September 12, 2014

My Flow Of Wisdom: Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS

Have you ever authored a book?
For me, it was not that easy for my first book Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and it was obvious as I had never written one a book before.
Let me tell you about how come I decided to author this one
The Flow of Wisdom started flowing in me when I was for the first time been to my first inner transformation. I’m talking about thoughts. In the past, there were plenty of thoughts in my mind and these were making me feel tensed most often. 
What to say, every time I used to feel uneasy, I was checking the state of my Blood Pressure and it was always high. I was advised several times to take less salt and also to follow a certain diet. Only knowing about my blood pressure situation, it was making me more tensed.
I did not like to follow any diet because I wished to eat whatever I felt like but I did finally find a solution for that.
Do you wish to know what was the solution?
Well, it was Meditation. I don’t know about you but some Meditation Techniques had really helped me being more peaceful and blissful.
In the year 2000, I started meditating and did that intensely and regularly for ten years. On 17th March 2010, I was blessed with an Inner Transformation and I call it the ‘First Realization on the path to TRUTH”.
It was about 10 a.m when I was busy doing my house chores when I felt Cosmic Energy flowing in me in such an intensity as if the whole sky was falling on me. It was very intensed which made my eyes closing on their own and at the same time I was brought to an inactive mode all of a sudden. I could not do anything else other than feeling IT doing its work.
I did experience the Cosmic flow of Energy very often in the past but that time was the one which I had never experienced before. I felt that my head was going to explode and also my Heart Chakra. During that time, I was completely blank, only Cosmic Energy was present, not the physical body. 
Suddenly, I heard an explosion in my Heart Chakra and it was taken away from me. I was left with a physical body only, no thoughts and no emotions. I felt a brilliant light on my 7th Chakra which was reflecting on my Third Eye Chakra. That was the Light of Awareness which was increased and was shining brightly. 
Being for the first time permanently without thoughts was not that easy for me. It took me nearly eight days before I could be active again and that also very slowly. I couldn’t do anything else and was living only in the feeling of this Energy which was also keeping me inactive.
Being in no thought mode was not that easy for me. It was as if I had come from another world and I was about to settle myself in this world slowly. Really it took me more than a year to get settled as at first I had no ambition, no desire. I didn’t feel the necessity to live again.
This was when the Flow of Wisdom started and it was with such an intensity too that I decided to share with others. I felt that it will help many seekers because as for me I don’t need these Wisdom rather they are for those who are struggling on the path to TRUTH. Let them be guided by these and grow within. And LO, this book took birth with them.
Well, it’s very difficult to explain and I’ve tried to put it into words. I have related each of my Realizations in it and have given a treasure for true seekers too. This treasure was my own Meditation Techniques which have made my inner growth most rapid and I found that if true seekers do practice them regularly and intensely, then definitely they will progress rapidly in their inner evolution.
If you feel that you are among the ones who wish to be successful in your inner growth, then do read my book. I’ve related many Truths in it which many of you may not know about and it will definitely help you to see this world in a positive way. You will come to know about Cosmic Energy, The Law of Karma, Awareness and Pure Consciousness.

This is the second book which I have authored and it is about the solutions to all the problems that everybody goes through life.

In fact, now I am authoring my third book which is entitled "THE NATURE OF WOMEN: The Secrets Of Truth Being Revealed". It is about the nature of women from birth till old age. By reading it you will be able to understand your daughter, sister, mother, wife and girlfriend better.
There are some mysterious truths which were hidden before and which are going to be revealed in this book. I am sure that this book will help a lot of girls and women as they will know about their true nature and how to deal with the problems they go through in life.
Well, as it is a book about women that does not mean that it does not concern men. In fact, it will be of great help to men too as they will come to understand women more and will cooperate with them when necessary.
So, be connected and I will sooner let you know about when this book will be ready.