Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Many times, I have heard that a Realized being must have compassion and it is through this compassion that he or she is helping other people.

For me, compassion means that that person is still with his or her emotions because compassion comes from emotions only. 

In fact, a real Realized Being does not have thoughts and emotions and where there is no emotions, then no compassion is there either.

There have been a lot of misunderstandings about this subject.

Let me explain:

On the path to Truth, you will meet with many Realizations and I call them Small Realizations.

The first one is that you come to know that you are not this physical body only, you are greater than that. This is when your inner search starts. Yes, this is a Realization because there are still many people out there who have not realized it yet and are still in their own beliefs.

Secondly, during your inner search, you find out that you can see with your Third Eye too but this seeing is also not total. It is just a glimpse. The Third Eye is, in fact, a pool of Energy which you use to concentrate. 

Thirdly, you find out that you are expanding in form. So, you are unlimited.

Later, you find out about peace and bliss. You find out that it is your thoughts and emotions which are bringing sufferings in your life.

The more deeper you go within, cleansing or purification continues on. Another realization is that you become without any thought permanently. Still there are some emotions left.

Though these small Realizations have happened to you does not mean that you have reached your destination. You are still a seeker and you still have a long way to go depending on your intensity.

The destination is here within you but you need intensity to go more deeper within.

Many people have gone through small Realizations and have misunderstood their States. They believe that they are totally realized and start guiding other people. 

The truth is that the path is long and when one goes through these small realizations, one has the ability to guide other people but till where they have reached.

A teacher can teach only up to where he has studied. He cannot teach higher than that.

This is where many misunderstandings take place. The seekers think that the destination is up to where the guide has taught them.

Those who say that they are guiding other people through their compassion means that they are not a totally realized being. This does not mean that they are not going to be. They have the abilities which can be developed further.

If one takes a leap out of compassion, he or she goes to another state which is out of emotions. Many times, it will happen that a seeker does experience this state as a glimpse only. It is the feeling of there is nothing as emotions nor as thoughts. He or she is in a peaceful and blissful state and he or she does every act as per Awareness only. This glimpse has to be a permanent one then only one is totally realized.

I know that many of you will not agree with me and I accept it because I know you have not gone through them yet but if you try your best to do so, you will definitely realize the same as above.

So, till then, lots of blessings to you.