Sunday, October 12, 2014


Last week, my physical body was sick for two days. In fact, it was not a sickness really, it is only that it had to be in a stillness mode so that the intensity of Cosmic Energy could increase more than before. It was making the physical body inactive, so I had to take a lot of rest.

This preparation was there because a great work was about to be performed from this physical body. It has to be ready to be able to bear all the pain of others. This is why I created the event in Facebook about a Healing Session.

Though not everyone was aware of it, the healing was done. It was for the public in general. I did it for everyone and the pain was there present in my physical body but the intensity of the overflow of Cosmic Energy covered a thick layer of the pain.

The duty of my physical body was to absorb the pain of others and the Cosmic Energy was burning it.

What was happening during this Healing Session?

I transmitted Cosmic Energy to everyone and this Energy was entering them from the top of their heads. For those whose 7th Chakra was not activated yet, was at that time activated and for those who was already activated, it was very easy for the flow of energy to enter them.

The energy then, entered and passed through each cell of the physical bodies and burned the blockages such as negativity and illnesses. The intensity of this energy was at its peak today and those who were receptive, must have felt it too. Many illnesses were cured and some must have felt a decrease in their pain too.

That was like I was bathing you in the intensity of Cosmic Energy and as from now on you will find an increase in your Awareness too.

Only those who were receptive at that time was aware of the happenings.

So, be with this energy as long as you can.

Lots of blessings to all.