Friday, October 3, 2014


'Shaktipath' means the transmission of Cosmic Energy to another person. In fact, it is only the person who is overflowed with this Energy who can transmit it. He or she must be permanently without any thought or emotion, then only this transmission can be of greater intensity to bring spontaneous transformation to the other person.

'Shaktipath' in another word is what you call 'Blessings' and this is because it purifies you and transforms you into a blissful and peaceful being. 

Here, it depends upon the one who is receiving it because if at that precise moment, he is not ready yet, then the Energy will enter him but the quantity will be very less. 

Not to be ready means that if at that precise moment that person is busy with his own thoughts or if he has never practice meditation before.

To receive Shaktipath, one has to be receptive and empty, then only Cosmic Energy will do its work as it should be. Be silent within and let It purify you.

Shaktipath for me is like birth and death because when I give Shaktipath to the seekers, my physical body experiences both birth and death in a fraction of seconds. I give whole of me to that seeker and then I'm born again.

Birth and death are connected with our breathe system. If it stops functioning, then one experiences death and when it starts functioning, one experiences birth. This is how I transmit Cosmic Energy to others. At that specific moment, there is no physical body, only this Energy is present and that also with great intensity which can trigger a great transformation for the true seeker spontaneously.

So, don't take Shaktipath for granted either for the one who is transmitting it or the one who is receiving it. I know that there are many persons out there who are giving Shaktipath while they are still with their own thoughts and emotions and what happens is that in this transmission it is not Shaktipath rather it is the transmission of thoughts and emotions that take place.

Beware, if Cosmic Energy gives birth to you, then it also gives death. So, don't play with It. It is with It that you have taken birth and without It you are a dead person.