Saturday, October 18, 2014


Everyone goes through various tough situations in life but how they handle them is the most important.

You will discover that when you are in a very bad situation, you will first feel hopeless. You will find that it is impossible to deal with. You cannot find a single solution to it. Your mind is blocked.

This feeling of hopelessness will, in return, creates two feelings, patience and anger. Now, it is your turn. You have to choose one in between the two so as you can develop it. 

Both feelings will be present at first, and the one which you are going to choose will, in return, kill the other one.

Most people choose anger, so the feeling of patience is killed. As you know anger can only ruin you and hurt other people too.

Why is anger the first option for many?

This is because when you feel hopeless, then many negative thoughts come in a sequence and start tormenting you. If at that precise moment you become aware, then you will not take these thoughts as your guide. You will rather choose the other option which is patience.

This is why you must practice Awareness regularly. This will save you from many obstacles in life.

At that moment, you go on drowning in them and these create the feeling of anger. Then, what you do is that you use your inner force to increase that anger. Once the level of anger has increased to some extent, negative actions start. Then, it becomes difficult to get hold of you. Destruction takes place.

If you choose patience, then all your inner force will be diverted to it. It will make you more stronger and the feeling of helplessness will dissolve. Awareness will appear and this is when you will get the right solution to your problem.

So, beware which one you choose next time.