Saturday, October 11, 2014


I started writing as from the year 2010 after going through my first Realization. It was not that easy but I tried to pour myself in these writings so as to reach all of you because I knew in a way or other they will be of great help to everyone.

So, as I was expanding more and more, I continued on with my writings. In fact, I shared many experiences and Realizations with you in this Blog. I just want you to know that from 2010 up to 2014, a lot of Realizations happened and each Realization was greater than the other.

In fact, as per each Realization a new light of Awareness shined and one by one , each Supreme Knowledge contradicted the experiences I had in the past.

So, what I want to say here is that since I started with this Blog, you will find that I had written a lot of experiences about Gods and all, but after my last Realization, my writings had changed completely. I don't mention any God as such rather I talk about how to live a better life, Cosmic Energy, Awareness and Pure Consciousness. This is only because after my last Realization, I had known the truth about the Gods.

In fact, I wanted to delete all my past experiences then, so as not to confuse all of you but the reason why I kept them is just because many of you do have the same beliefs now which I had in the past and I did not want to give you an instant shock. I wanted you to understand first. I know that many of you will go through all the past experiences which happened to me and those past writings will help you when you have any questions or need help.

The Path to Pure Consciousness is not that difficult. It needs only your sincerity, faith, effort and strength. It is the path in which you will have many experiences but you must not stick along with them otherwise you will not be able to go more deeper within. These experiences are like small realizations which are increasing your strength and are deleting each belief system one by one till you reach to zero belief. 

Then, finally you are in a physical body but you use it as a tool and at the same time you know that all the belief system is not real. 

Reality is who you are as a being. Here, I mean the 'State of Being'. At the end, one is in the physical body but at the same time in the State of Being.

The 'State of Being' is a state in which one lives in Pure Awareness and Cosmic Energy permanently. There are neither thoughts nor emotions rather there are spontaneous actions.

This is the State where many do not want to be because they still want to be attached to either their close ones or materially. In fact, many had misunderstood me too because they expected me to be emotional too but this is impossible for me. Once the scan has happened, it cannot come back again.

Being in this State of Being, one is away from the sufferings which thoughts and emotions bring to you but yes, as he or she is still in the physical body, it does fall ill sometimes because of the changes of the physical body. The State of Being remains forever but the physical body will perish one day. 

So, there are three things that happens in life:

When State of Being is connected with the physical body, then actions come in the third place. It means that the physical body and actions are guided by the State of Being not by thoughts and emotions.

It is very difficult for many of you to understand this till you do not realize it yourself.