Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Many times, I have heard that a Realized being must have compassion and it is through this compassion that he or she is helping other people.

For me, compassion means that that person is still with his or her emotions because compassion comes from emotions only. 

In fact, a real Realized Being does not have thoughts and emotions and where there is no emotions, then no compassion is there either.

There have been a lot of misunderstandings about this subject.

Let me explain:

On the path to Truth, you will meet with many Realizations and I call them Small Realizations.

The first one is that you come to know that you are not this physical body only, you are greater than that. This is when your inner search starts. Yes, this is a Realization because there are still many people out there who have not realized it yet and are still in their own beliefs.

Secondly, during your inner search, you find out that you can see with your Third Eye too but this seeing is also not total. It is just a glimpse. The Third Eye is, in fact, a pool of Energy which you use to concentrate. 

Thirdly, you find out that you are expanding in form. So, you are unlimited.

Later, you find out about peace and bliss. You find out that it is your thoughts and emotions which are bringing sufferings in your life.

The more deeper you go within, cleansing or purification continues on. Another realization is that you become without any thought permanently. Still there are some emotions left.

Though these small Realizations have happened to you does not mean that you have reached your destination. You are still a seeker and you still have a long way to go depending on your intensity.

The destination is here within you but you need intensity to go more deeper within.

Many people have gone through small Realizations and have misunderstood their States. They believe that they are totally realized and start guiding other people. 

The truth is that the path is long and when one goes through these small realizations, one has the ability to guide other people but till where they have reached.

A teacher can teach only up to where he has studied. He cannot teach higher than that.

This is where many misunderstandings take place. The seekers think that the destination is up to where the guide has taught them.

Those who say that they are guiding other people through their compassion means that they are not a totally realized being. This does not mean that they are not going to be. They have the abilities which can be developed further.

If one takes a leap out of compassion, he or she goes to another state which is out of emotions. Many times, it will happen that a seeker does experience this state as a glimpse only. It is the feeling of there is nothing as emotions nor as thoughts. He or she is in a peaceful and blissful state and he or she does every act as per Awareness only. This glimpse has to be a permanent one then only one is totally realized.

I know that many of you will not agree with me and I accept it because I know you have not gone through them yet but if you try your best to do so, you will definitely realize the same as above.

So, till then, lots of blessings to you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have already authored two books entitled, "Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS" and "All About Life: An Inner Journey To Live A Better Life". 

Writing a book for me is only a flow and I write as it comes to me. As I am not a Professional Writer, so you will not find my books at that level. My aim is not to be a Professional Writer rather it is to write as per my capacity so that I can spread my messages to everyone which in return will be of great help to them.

In my books, you will be able to learn the meditation techniques which I practiced before and which had helped me a lot in my own inner evolution. You will be able to know about my past experiences through which you can learn too. You will also be able to know about how to tackle problems in life.

Well, after authoring the two books, it came to me that I have to help girls and women to understand their own nature. It is only when they know about their true nature, that they will not feel inferior anymore. 

I remember when I was still young, I was unaware of many things and due to this unawareness, I was most of the time in sufferings. These sufferings include the development of my physical body. I did not feel the importance at that time of knowing my physical body and my Self and this was the greatest mistake I made. Well, this mistake was due to my not being aware.

If I was aware at that time, then I would have known the truths about all that happened to me and these would have made my life easier without any worries. 

This is why I want others to know about the same so that they do not endure what I went through. These secrets that I am revealing in this book will really bring an inner transformation in you. They will help you in coming out from your worries and sufferings.

Why do I call them 'Secrets of Truth'?

This is only because I have known these secrets after many years of intense meditation. They are my own realizations. 

Secrets of Truth can be known only through Realizations. They are the way to live a better life and if you do not take them into consideration, then you will be the one who will miss.

If I wished I could have simply kept them for myself but what is the use of keeping them when they can help others to live a smoother life. My aim is to help you and I'm sure you will be transformed. I have not come here to change you rather I'm here to help you to grow up and bring bliss and peace to you.

Women are very emotional by nature and this is a plus sign while others find it a negative one. A plus sign because this is the door to be unlocked so that one can enter the Supreme State. In fact, it is women who have the greatest advantage to progress rapidly in their inner evolution but the problem is that they think of themselves to be the weaker sex.

I'm not saying that you have to become equal to men because you can never be. It is just because you are unique in yourself and men also are unique. 

Yes, the truth is that the source is the same and what you have to discover and realize is your source and it is there where both men and women are equal.

Both men and women are never weak. The only problem is that they do not utilize their inner strength where needed.

Here is an extract from the book:

"You must have noticed that it is during adolescence that a girl is attracted and falls in love with the opposite sex. 

This is just because she has to know about the nature of men as well. This is a natural process where she is preparing herself to be a lover, wife and mother."

Well, I'm not going to talk about Biology because this everyone knows, rather it will be about the nature itself which cannot be known physically. It needs Realizations.

So, be connected and I will let you know when the book is ready.

Lots of Blessings to you all.

Monday, September 15, 2014


You can have many answers but it would be right if you try to find out where the answers are coming from. This is because firstly, you must not know it by bookish knowledge rather you should know it from deep within you.

Ask yourself this question:

Why have I decided to be a seeker of Truth?

When you have got your answer from deep within you, then know that you will not take it as something that has no meaning.

Deep within here means not from your thoughts rather from your own inner core. The answer will definitely be there and it will be a positive one. 

I have found that many people have taken this path for granted. In fact, it is a path for your own benefit and if you are taking it for granted, this means that you are taking yourself for granted.

Well, what must be your answer for the above question?

It is just that you have decided to be a seeker of Truth because firstly, you want to know yourself better, secondly, you want an inner transformation and thirdly because you want to live a better life with maturity in understanding.

As you can see, all that have been stated above are for your own benefit.
Stepping Into Awareness
Once your decision is final, then your first step will be in looking for someone who can help you in your inner transformation. Well, you will meet with many and you will have to choose the one who you feel the best for you.

Many times it happens that who you feel was the best guide for you is not as per your expectations but here is where you make the biggest mistake.

Many seekers start with many expectations. They do not come to a guide with the intention to learn rather they want to be the teacher themselves. They want to teach the guide a lesson. 

Do you feel that the guide has time and energy for that?

Definitely not. When he or she finds out that you are not sincere in your search, then definitely he or she will avoid you because the most important for the guide is to help you in your inner transformation and that it can happen to true seekers only.

If you really want to make a show off, then you can do it elsewhere. In fact, this will only increase your ego. You won't be able to learn and you won't be ready for your inner transformation.

What they want is not really in knowing themselves rather in expecting many things same as how they blackmail their gods by saying 'Give me this and I will give you that'.

This kind of blackmail does not work with a real guide. Either you are true in your search or you can find another one who can accept you along with your expectations.

A true seeker must be ready to leap into the mysteries of life and death leaving his expectations and ego far away. He must be grateful to the one who is guiding him.

One more thing. 

If you are a true seeker, you will never address the guide with baseless questions. You are not here to test the guide because he or she is not here to satisfy you with your questions or expectations rather he or she is here to help you and it is the guide's decision whether he or she wants to help you or not.

So, only if you are ready, then you can start your inner search with sincerity and devotion. The guide's time and energy is saved for the ones who are true in their inner search and will continue on helping them.

Lots of blessings to all.

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Flow Of Wisdom: Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS

Have you ever authored a book?
For me, it was not that easy for my first book Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and it was obvious as I had never written one a book before.
Let me tell you about how come I decided to author this one
The Flow of Wisdom started flowing in me when I was for the first time been to my first inner transformation. I’m talking about thoughts. In the past, there were plenty of thoughts in my mind and these were making me feel tensed most often. 
What to say, every time I used to feel uneasy, I was checking the state of my Blood Pressure and it was always high. I was advised several times to take less salt and also to follow a certain diet. Only knowing about my blood pressure situation, it was making me more tensed.
I did not like to follow any diet because I wished to eat whatever I felt like but I did finally find a solution for that.
Do you wish to know what was the solution?
Well, it was Meditation. I don’t know about you but some Meditation Techniques had really helped me being more peaceful and blissful.
In the year 2000, I started meditating and did that intensely and regularly for ten years. On 17th March 2010, I was blessed with an Inner Transformation and I call it the ‘First Realization on the path to TRUTH”.
It was about 10 a.m when I was busy doing my house chores when I felt Cosmic Energy flowing in me in such an intensity as if the whole sky was falling on me. It was very intensed which made my eyes closing on their own and at the same time I was brought to an inactive mode all of a sudden. I could not do anything else other than feeling IT doing its work.
I did experience the Cosmic flow of Energy very often in the past but that time was the one which I had never experienced before. I felt that my head was going to explode and also my Heart Chakra. During that time, I was completely blank, only Cosmic Energy was present, not the physical body. 
Suddenly, I heard an explosion in my Heart Chakra and it was taken away from me. I was left with a physical body only, no thoughts and no emotions. I felt a brilliant light on my 7th Chakra which was reflecting on my Third Eye Chakra. That was the Light of Awareness which was increased and was shining brightly. 
Being for the first time permanently without thoughts was not that easy for me. It took me nearly eight days before I could be active again and that also very slowly. I couldn’t do anything else and was living only in the feeling of this Energy which was also keeping me inactive.
Being in no thought mode was not that easy for me. It was as if I had come from another world and I was about to settle myself in this world slowly. Really it took me more than a year to get settled as at first I had no ambition, no desire. I didn’t feel the necessity to live again.
This was when the Flow of Wisdom started and it was with such an intensity too that I decided to share with others. I felt that it will help many seekers because as for me I don’t need these Wisdom rather they are for those who are struggling on the path to TRUTH. Let them be guided by these and grow within. And LO, this book took birth with them.
Well, it’s very difficult to explain and I’ve tried to put it into words. I have related each of my Realizations in it and have given a treasure for true seekers too. This treasure was my own Meditation Techniques which have made my inner growth most rapid and I found that if true seekers do practice them regularly and intensely, then definitely they will progress rapidly in their inner evolution.
If you feel that you are among the ones who wish to be successful in your inner growth, then do read my book. I’ve related many Truths in it which many of you may not know about and it will definitely help you to see this world in a positive way. You will come to know about Cosmic Energy, The Law of Karma, Awareness and Pure Consciousness.

This is the second book which I have authored and it is about the solutions to all the problems that everybody goes through life.

In fact, now I am authoring my third book which is entitled "THE NATURE OF WOMEN: The Secrets Of Truth Being Revealed". It is about the nature of women from birth till old age. By reading it you will be able to understand your daughter, sister, mother, wife and girlfriend better.
There are some mysterious truths which were hidden before and which are going to be revealed in this book. I am sure that this book will help a lot of girls and women as they will know about their true nature and how to deal with the problems they go through in life.
Well, as it is a book about women that does not mean that it does not concern men. In fact, it will be of great help to men too as they will come to understand women more and will cooperate with them when necessary.
So, be connected and I will sooner let you know about when this book will be ready.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


How the Universe Works
What is Cleansing Process?

Cleansing Process happens when you are receptive to Cosmic Energy. You have to open yourself as much as you can to absorb IT.

Many people find it very difficult to open themselves just because of the blockages which have accumulated over so many lives in the past and the present one.

Letting go of the Ego has been as if impossible for most people. They prefer to stay attached to it and accumulate sufferings rather than opening themselves and being receptive of Cosmic Energy.

Cosmic Energy only can purify you, there is nothing else which can make you become pure.

When Cosmic Energy flows in you, IT starts cleansing the negativity found in your seven bodies, that is, your physical body and your six subtle bodies.

The Cleansing Process is painful but not that painful which you cannot bear. The pain will not be for long. As soon as the Cleansing Process ends, the pain ends too. In return, many illnesses will disappear.

If you have been created and sustained by Cosmic Energy, then why not accepting IT?

IT is the sustainer and savior of LIFE. Open yourself to absorb more and more Cosmic Energy.

Here, I have described how you can be more and more receptive of Cosmic Energy and the more you are receptive, your sufferings go on decreasing.

The Law Of Karma is a game of Energy. The more you absorb Cosmic Energy, your karma will decrease but if you do not accept the Cleansing Process, then your karma will go on increasing and thus, sufferings will be increasing as well.

It is always your choice either to decrease your karma or increase it. If you wish to increase it, then it means that you love being in sufferings and you do not wish to come out of it.

Do ponder on what I said above. It is very important for you to take this very important step as from now on, from this present moment.

Cosmic Lens Probes Dark Energy Hi Gloss Space Poster
The whole Universe had been created and sustained by Cosmic Energy. It is sustained in such an equilibrium that everything goes in order. Just imagine our Planet Earth itself is surrounded by space and in the whole Universe, how many planets and galaxies are surrounded by space where you cannot find anything sustaining them. For you, it can be a miracle, but it is not, it is reality. It is only the equilibrium of the Cosmic Energy which is sustaining the whole Universe. 

Just as you are standing and your feet are touching the Earth but your whole physical body is surrounded by space and it is only Cosmic Energy which is sustaining it in such an equilibrium that you cannot fall. The Earth is round and when you stand, your feet only touch it. So, you can be in any place on Earth, but still Cosmic Energy is sustaining you so that you do not fall. 

Ponder on this reality and you will surely realize this Truth.

Lord Shiva is mostly seen sitting in Meditation posture, do you know why? 

The truth is that it is a symbol showing that only Meditation is the way to this State of His. In only Meditation, you can learn to absorb Cosmic Energy because IT can be absorbed only in Silence. It is not the silence which is the opposite of noise which is found in the outer world but rather this Silence is the Silence of all your Senses. When all your senses are in stillness state, then only you can be receptive of Cosmic Energy and for you to be receptive, you will have to practice Meditation Techniques.

Books To Inspire You

These are the books which I had authored and you can have them in both Formats, Kindle and Paperback. They are very helpful. Do read them.
How do you open yourself? 

Here, meditation techniques help you a lot. Regular practice of meditation techniques creates a vacuum in you where Cosmic Energy flows. 

When Cosmic Energy flows, the ‘Cleansing Process’ is activated. Then, negativity starts dissolving progressively and many changes will be there within you. 

You will be changing for the best.

What is negativity? 

Negativity is accumulated by thoughts and emotions that have been there for many past lives and present one. If you have more thoughts and emotions, negativity increases accordingly. 

With the increase of negativity, there is an increase, too, in sufferings. Only the total acceptance of the ‘Cleansing Process’, that negativity can be dissolved.

When the 'Cleansing Process' is on, what happens?

When the ‘Cleansing Process’ is on, many changes will happen to your seven bodies. You do not have to struggle with the process. You just have to let it do its work. Allow it to purify you and this will help you to progress further on the path to TRUTH. 

By practicing Meditation Techniques regularly, it means that you are working on yourself and thus activating the ‘Cleansing Process’. 

Meditation means your own availability for the ‘Cleansing Process’. 

Meditation concerns you rather than religion. It is all about knowing and understanding yourself – your own being. In fact, when you are absorbing more and more energy with greater intensity, you are coming nearer to your pure nature. 

With great determination, keep on digging profoundly within you until you reach your Pure State. It is same as the wind which is blowing towards you, and you are walking just in front of it without any fear. You do not have to worry about your physical body; you just need to know who you are, this is your goal. 

Fear also will disappear if you are determined. You will find yourself more and more powerful, even more powerful than the wind, more powerful than the Energy flow itself. But you need to continue on this path till you reach your own Source.

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