Monday, September 15, 2014


You can have many answers but it would be right if you try to find out where the answers are coming from. This is because firstly, you must not know it by bookish knowledge rather you should know it from deep within you.

Ask yourself this question:

Why have I decided to be a seeker of Truth?

When you have got your answer from deep within you, then know that you will not take it as something that has no meaning.

Deep within here means not from your thoughts rather from your own inner core. The answer will definitely be there and it will be a positive one. 

I have found that many people have taken this path for granted. In fact, it is a path for your own benefit and if you are taking it for granted, this means that you are taking yourself for granted.

Well, what must be your answer for the above question?

It is just that you have decided to be a seeker of Truth because firstly, you want to know yourself better, secondly, you want an inner transformation and thirdly because you want to live a better life with maturity in understanding.

As you can see, all that have been stated above are for your own benefit.
Stepping Into Awareness
Once your decision is final, then your first step will be in looking for someone who can help you in your inner transformation. Well, you will meet with many and you will have to choose the one who you feel the best for you.

Many times it happens that who you feel was the best guide for you is not as per your expectations but here is where you make the biggest mistake.

Many seekers start with many expectations. They do not come to a guide with the intention to learn rather they want to be the teacher themselves. They want to teach the guide a lesson. 

Do you feel that the guide has time and energy for that?

Definitely not. When he or she finds out that you are not sincere in your search, then definitely he or she will avoid you because the most important for the guide is to help you in your inner transformation and that it can happen to true seekers only.

If you really want to make a show off, then you can do it elsewhere. In fact, this will only increase your ego. You won't be able to learn and you won't be ready for your inner transformation.

What they want is not really in knowing themselves rather in expecting many things same as how they blackmail their gods by saying 'Give me this and I will give you that'.

This kind of blackmail does not work with a real guide. Either you are true in your search or you can find another one who can accept you along with your expectations.

A true seeker must be ready to leap into the mysteries of life and death leaving his expectations and ego far away. He must be grateful to the one who is guiding him.

One more thing. 

If you are a true seeker, you will never address the guide with baseless questions. You are not here to test the guide because he or she is not here to satisfy you with your questions or expectations rather he or she is here to help you and it is the guide's decision whether he or she wants to help you or not.

So, only if you are ready, then you can start your inner search with sincerity and devotion. The guide's time and energy is saved for the ones who are true in their inner search and will continue on helping them.

Lots of blessings to all.

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