Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have already authored two books entitled, "Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS" and "All About Life: An Inner Journey To Live A Better Life". 

Writing a book for me is only a flow and I write as it comes to me. As I am not a Professional Writer, so you will not find my books at that level. My aim is not to be a Professional Writer rather it is to write as per my capacity so that I can spread my messages to everyone which in return will be of great help to them.

In my books, you will be able to learn the meditation techniques which I practiced before and which had helped me a lot in my own inner evolution. You will be able to know about my past experiences through which you can learn too. You will also be able to know about how to tackle problems in life.

Well, after authoring the two books, it came to me that I have to help girls and women to understand their own nature. It is only when they know about their true nature, that they will not feel inferior anymore. 

I remember when I was still young, I was unaware of many things and due to this unawareness, I was most of the time in sufferings. These sufferings include the development of my physical body. I did not feel the importance at that time of knowing my physical body and my Self and this was the greatest mistake I made. Well, this mistake was due to my not being aware.

If I was aware at that time, then I would have known the truths about all that happened to me and these would have made my life easier without any worries. 

This is why I want others to know about the same so that they do not endure what I went through. These secrets that I am revealing in this book will really bring an inner transformation in you. They will help you in coming out from your worries and sufferings.

Why do I call them 'Secrets of Truth'?

This is only because I have known these secrets after many years of intense meditation. They are my own realizations. 

Secrets of Truth can be known only through Realizations. They are the way to live a better life and if you do not take them into consideration, then you will be the one who will miss.

If I wished I could have simply kept them for myself but what is the use of keeping them when they can help others to live a smoother life. My aim is to help you and I'm sure you will be transformed. I have not come here to change you rather I'm here to help you to grow up and bring bliss and peace to you.

Women are very emotional by nature and this is a plus sign while others find it a negative one. A plus sign because this is the door to be unlocked so that one can enter the Supreme State. In fact, it is women who have the greatest advantage to progress rapidly in their inner evolution but the problem is that they think of themselves to be the weaker sex.

I'm not saying that you have to become equal to men because you can never be. It is just because you are unique in yourself and men also are unique. 

Yes, the truth is that the source is the same and what you have to discover and realize is your source and it is there where both men and women are equal.

Both men and women are never weak. The only problem is that they do not utilize their inner strength where needed.

Here is an extract from the book:

"You must have noticed that it is during adolescence that a girl is attracted and falls in love with the opposite sex. 

This is just because she has to know about the nature of men as well. This is a natural process where she is preparing herself to be a lover, wife and mother."

Well, I'm not going to talk about Biology because this everyone knows, rather it will be about the nature itself which cannot be known physically. It needs Realizations.

So, be connected and I will let you know when the book is ready.

Lots of Blessings to you all.

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