Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Thank You

Do you know the meaning of 'Thank You'?

Well, I know your answer will be another question: 'Who doesn't know'?

I know that everyone knows but how deep do you know it, this is the most important. Saying 'Thank You' is very easy because it is just as normal as you talk but saying it from your very own depth within is another thing. It must be like you are offering your Self to the person to whom you are saying these words. 

'Thank You' are not just words, you have to give them their real meanings and the real meaning can be given only from within not from your voice only. These words mean that you are thanking a person because you are grateful to him or her and being grateful is not a simple thing. It comes from very deep within you. You have to feel it first, then these words have to come afterwards, otherwise no need to say it.

Do not use words only for the sake of talking, use it along with your true feelings then it will have its real value.

There are many ways one can express one's feelings and they are by words, cards, flowers, banners, gifts, posters, writings and more.

Here are some examples:

Now, how to accept the 'Thank You'?
You must accept it in such a way that you feel it deep within you. You remember what I said in the beginning, one must say 'Thank You' in such a way that he or she is giving his or her own Self to the other person. The same way, the one who is accepting it must open himself or herself totally to let the other Self enter. It has to be a connection from Self to Self, then only both of you will grow from within. What I mean by Self here is the sharing of Cosmic Energy and Awareness.
Once this connection is there, then a flow of Cosmic Energy goes on spreading in both, which in another words is, 'BLESSINGS'. 
So, do not ever take words for granted, they can be Blessings showering on you.