Saturday, May 21, 2011


'Excuses' is a simple word but a barrier to our spiritual evolution.

Nowadays, we see people making a lot of excuses just to stay in miseries, in other words, to stay far away from God. God is in the end of their everyday list. Priority is given to Career, Family, Money, to fulfill Desires, Gambling and God is either the last in the list or not even present in that list. For them they don't bother, as if God is their slave, He has to wait for them. They forget even their existence. They don't even wish to know how they come to exist. What's there behind all these creations.

If God has created you, then why not leave everything in His hands and accept whatever He is giving to you? Either there are excuses or complaints. People pray for their desires only. They don't pray to thank God for what He has given to them. They don't show their gratitude to God. Only excuses and complaints are there.

If you are closing your own doors...then who will miss? You will miss...

Learn to open your doors and accept with totality whatever God is giving you and thank Him for that. Show your Gratitude to Him.

In many people's eyes, tears come for only one purpose...their Ego is hurt. Do you know the importance of tears? Can you cry just to be thankful to God for what He has given to you? Can you cry for the longing of meeting with God?

Start developing that kind of tears in your your eyes, the longing for God must be there......

Every cell in your body must be longing for God every moment...must be thankful to God....this is the real Prayer.



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