Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lord Krishna, the Adorable One with Beautiful Pictures, Experiences and Devotional Songs

Lord Krishna was my Inner Guide when I was in meditation. Since childhood, I was very fond of Lord Krishna. He was attracting me like a magnet towards Him. I prayed and talked to Him any time I wished to. It was a very different feeling which is beyond words.

Later in this life, when I started meditating, I always saw Lord Krishna as a toddler. He used to come and sit on my lap, hugging me. I felt that I was His mother. We were both in communion often.

He was my inner guide. I was so much in love with Him, that for two weeks, I did not know what to do to be one with Him. I was missing Him a lot. I was as if a mad woman, walking from here to there in my home, crying. There was a great longing for Him that is very difficult to express in words.

Today, am going to share with you some beyond words pics of Him. Seeing these pics, tears rolled on my cheeks often in the past. That was tears of gratitude as I was still with emotions at that time.

Lord Krishna, being my Inner Guide at that time I was feeling very powerful and determined to go more deeper within myself. The more I was going within, the greater negativity started dissolving for the Cleansing Process was already on activated mode since long time.

In order to know more about the Cleansing Process, please do read the book below and you will come to know about its importance.

Lord Krishna had talked a lot about The Law of Karma and I came to experience the same during my Inner Journey but this time into more depth. What Lord Krishna taught us was just on paper in the Bhagavad Gita but I had all the inner experiences in the past and had gone into more depth.

I would request everyone to not only read the Bhagavad Gita but also put it into practice. By reciting mantras, no transformation will happen to you, in fact, you are wasting Energy.

Realizations happen only in Supreme Silence.


Divine Love is, in another word, Unconditional Love and it is shared without any expectation. Divine Love is not physical love.

Divine Love is love more into depth which cannot be seen rather can be felt.

It is a great longing to dissolve into Oneness.

It is not the love that one feels when one is in love with somebody else rather it is love with one’s own self.

It is love that one has to develop and dig at the same time to discover the mystery about one’s Self.

It is one’s own nectar that is being tasted.

Love is Divine only when one goes beyond the physical body.


Lord Krishna is always seen very beautiful in pictures, that means, in the physical form but in reality Divine Beauty is not physical beauty. It is the Inner Beauty, the inner transformation that had happened in that physical body.

Divine Beauty cannot be seen by the physical eyes.

Divine Beauty can be felt in the depth of one’s own being.

One is beautiful only when one realizes the Inner Beauty.

There is nothing greater than Inner Beauty.


One’s Pure Being cannot be shown physically.

It is an inner expansion that very few true seekers can feel when they are in the presence of a Pure Being.

A Pure Being is an expansion of Energy, unlimited Energy, and is in form but still is formless.

A Pure Being is Pure Consciousness at the background and unlimited Energy emerges from IT.

True Seekers can feel that Energy and realize that it is the only guide to Pure Consciousness.


When one reaches this State as Lord Krishna, then one becomes so innocent that everything is like a play. One just plays the game which is there each moment to the fullest without any attachment. Just the present moment is playful.

Life on earth is a playground where everyone is playing a role in the physical body.

The problem here is that maximum of the ones who are playing the roles are ignorant.

They are imprisoned in the net of Ego so much that they cannot realize their own pure state.

Only the one who has reached the Ultimate State which is Pure Consciousness can help them to come out of the net.

As it is very rare to find the real one who is in that State, it is also very rare to find true seekers.


This symbolizes the sharing of Unconditional Love with everyone like the Sun is shining for everyone.

Divine Love is not based on relationships. 

Relationships are men-made. Only the physical body can be attached to relationships not Divine Love.

Divine Love is Unconditional Love that has no expectations at all. You love only for the sake of love not for expecting something from the other in return.

Divine Love is only giving, it is a longing, a thirst within.

This cannot be said as 'LOVE' as love is only the surface of Divine Love. Sometimes, there is no word that can explain a State because it is neither Love, nor Divine Love, nor Compassion. It is beyond all these.

With Divine Love, gratitude takes birth.

Gratitude happens after many steps.

These are the steps:

From total Trust to Faith.
From total Faith to Gratitude.

When you are in the state of gratitude, mostly tears will shower because your emotions will be in a higher level of the cleansing process, meaning that cleansing will be to the maximum level for your emotions.

Very few seekers do come in this state.

'Ras Leela' means Divine Play which is lived totally in the present moment.

Only those who are receptive are attracted to the One who is overflowing with Energy. Many can show compassion to others as a show off but being really compassionate is another thing. Being compassionate means that you have to be filled with compassion then only you can share it with others.

The One who has gone beyond compassion will attract only very few true seekers because he/she is not interested in wasting energy with those who are not working on being receptive and who are not interested in their own spiritual evolution.

Here, he/she has come to use this physical body so that he/she can share his/her overflowing energy with others. The intensity of energy in that physical body goes on increasing and thus, that state is the more powerful one. Very few do recognize the one in this State that also as their receptivity level matches that State of Being.

This love also cannot be said as Mother's Love because it is found more into depth within. No word can describe it.

I can give only myself as a mother.

No God.

No Sadguru.

No Guru.

No Spiritual Master.

Only a mother can take proper care of her children.

The greatest play is always lively, fresh, the overflow of intense Energy.

I have come to play this greatest play in this physical body. Using this physical body is like using a pen to write.

This physical body is playing so many roles and yet only few recognize its importance here. There are few who recognize it because they are the ones who are closer to themselves. They are the ones who know the importance of Energy, of Receptivity. They recognize me because their karma have brought them to me.

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