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Cosmic Energy is the same energy that you usually use for your day-to-day activities and also for the functioning of the physical body.

What is Cosmic Energy exactly?

It is pure energy which is neither positive nor negative energy. It is the highest level of energy which is used for sustaining the Universe and also for Creation.

Cosmic Energy flows and sustains all the planets. During the flow, positive energy is formed which gradually is then transformed into negative energy. 

It is a journey for the energy. It is like while you are travelling from one place to another place, you meet with different kinds of people. Some are positive while others are negative. 

The same happens here, Cosmic Energy travels and during this process, positive and negative energy are formed.

Everything moves in different speeds in the Universe. Each has its own intensity and this intensity is controlled by pure energy which is Cosmic Energy.

For example:

A human being can absorb Cosmic Energy as per how much he or she is receptive of. Here also, when one is totally receptive that does not mean that he or she is powerful enough.

Yes, Cosmic Energy may be overflowing in the physical body but the most important here is about the intensity. 

This means how much the intensity is in that flow of Cosmic Energy. The more the intensity, the greater the power.

Here, I am not saying about doing magic. I am, in fact, talking about what is a physical body can do on its own without any tricks.

This overflow of energy works as per its intensity. The more the intensity, the greater the healing will be.

Here, healing I mean, at first one can heal people not that deeply. Gradually, as the intensity increases the healing can be done deeper. This is as far as human beings are concerned but healing is not only for human beings.

Healing is for the entire Universe. The greater the intensity, the entire Universe can be healed gradually.

Please note that Healing is a process which happens gradually. It cannot happen spontaneously because it needs proper cleansing to happen. It has to go through negativity to transform it into pure energy.

A person cannot be healed spontaneously if he or she is not well prepared. This is because it needs a higher intensity of Cosmic Energy to be healed completely. If that intensity is transmitted to that person, instead of being healed, he or she can die.

It is the same as if you get an electricity shock, you can fall unconscious. If the shock is intense, then you may not survive.

All depends upon the intensity of energy your physical body can hold.

So, if a person is overflowed with Cosmic Energy with a higher intensity, then he or she can transmit this energy up to very far away in the Universe and that also in seconds.

This is possible with a single physical body which is overflowed with Cosmic Energy and that also when the intensity is higher. The transformation of the whole Universe will be a gradual one.

Negative energy will decrease and positive energy will increase.

Please note that whatever I have written here is per my own Realization.

I have authored some books in which I have explained in details about various topics concerning human beings, life, death, after death, marriage, children and the secrets behind all.

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