Monday, November 17, 2014


The water is silent on the periphery. A great work is going on into depth. The intensity is gradually increasing silently. When its intensity increases to a higher level, then you will find a sudden bursts of the sea water to the upwards direction. 

When being in silent mode, it does not mean that this silence has no intensity. You may find that it is calm on the surface but in its own depth the intensity is increasing gradually. This intensity at last becomes very powerful. Thus, it will be a surprise for you as it will be beyond your imagination.

In this present moment, it can be silent on the periphery and the next moment, it will burst out with great intensity.

This means whatever you see on the periphery is not the same as what is there in its depth. 

It is very easy to judge a person by his or her actions while you never know why these actions were for. You are not there to judge anybody, you are rather there to observe only. Be the watcher without any thought or emotion.

Don't become either judgmental or emotional as both are going to torment you gradually. 

Work for bringing silence within. 

There are many things that are happening without your knowing it. This is because not everything is a show piece. 

The greatest work is always done in silence.

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