Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being Aware............

A pregnant woman is always aware of the baby she has within herself. She does all her activities with full awareness. She walks, works, eats, drinks and does everything with that awareness that within her there is a growth going on moment to moment. She lives within at the same time without too. She carries the within in the without.

Let us all accept it as a meditation technique...

Be connected within every moment while you do your outer activities.
Feel the movement of your body while doing actions.
Feel the breathe, inhaling and exhaling.
Feel the heartbeat.
Feel... when nature caresses you and just flow with this joy and absorb as much as you can.
Dance along with the music of existence.

Carry the presence of God within you every moment, while you are in this material world doing your activities.  Enjoy these moments to the fullest.....