Friday, April 17, 2015


Whatever is written in the picture above is very true.

We are the one who make our destiny. It depends on how we live it, nurture it, evolve in it.

So, what is the Power which is mentioned above?

It is your Inner Strength, in other words, your Determination in whatever you do. Life is not meant to live uselessly rather you must live it in using your inner strength every moment. Grow with it and don't let it die because as long as it grows, you are growing too and when it dies, you are finished. You may be living in your physical body but it will be like a robot, not alive.

The inner power is to be used in such a way that it goes on increasing. You will become successful in everything you do only if you nurture it every moment. 

The peak of the mountain may be too high for you as long as you see it with your physical eyes but don't forget that you can reach at the summit only if you have total faith in yourself. The moment you lose faith in yourself, you become weak. So, here faith increases your inner strength.

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