Monday, October 13, 2014


Maa, how much free will do we have? Is our destiny fixed when we are born?

This is a question which was asked by one of the seekers on the path to Truth and who is among the ones who are close to me.

Well, I know that my answer will shock many of you but I can reveal only the Truth. If you want to accept it as it is, then it will be good for your own inner growth.

Let me explain:

The level of Awareness of all newborn babies are not the same; it is as per their inner evolution. Their future are not predestined when they are born. Destiny depends on the way you act based on your thoughts and emotions.

How is the level of Awareness of a baby measured when he is born?

As you are all aware, it needs a man and a woman to create another human being. The man and the woman have different level of Awareness depending on their deeds. 

When they decide to have a baby, both energies meet to create this tiny human being. It then depends on the levels of negative and positive energies and the level of Awareness at that specific moment.

When these two energies meet, a tiny human being is created but his Awareness level depends on how much negativity and positivity his parents have brought in him. 

For example:

If the father has more positive energy than negative and the mother has the opposite or vice versa, then the two levels of energies will determine the baby's level of Awareness. He will either attract more positive energy or more negative depending on his parents.

As he grows up, he will start having thoughts and emotions. He will start acting accordingly. He goes on accumulating negative and positive energies depending on his level of Awareness.

The earlier he accepts the Cleansing Process, the more quickly he will increase his level of Awareness.

So, the idea about having past lives is not true. The idea about knowing about one's past life is just a tradition. Past life exists only in the level of Energies. 

When a person dies, he is transformed into energy. No physical body is attached. 

If you want to know more on this topic,then I will be authoring a book soon on Life, Death and After Death. 

Till then, lots of blessings to all.



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