Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Everyone has aims in life and it depends upon the person whether that aim is a negative or positive one. Many people have some major aims such as they want to be successful in their career, love life and so on, and if they are sincere in these aims, then they are positive ones.

There are some who go as per their negative thoughts and thus, aim for revenge, lust and for their own advantage only. They can go to extremes just because of these negative thoughts. They are not sincere at all and the way they will talk to you or act will really make you seem that they are trustful persons.

So, how will you know if the people who are approaching you are along with positive or negative intentions?

They will come to you and talk very kindly but you never know what is behind all this kindness. If you want to be always on the right track and you don't want to welcome problems, then there is only one solution.

You have to have that capacity of knowing who is coming to you with a positive intention or a negative one. It is only then that you will be able to avoid and reject the negative one and welcome the positive one.

Don't forget that you have to be always on the right track. Do good actions in the present so that you do not welcome problems along with sufferings in the future. For that you have to be aware of whatever you are doing.

So, if ever you want to know if the person who is approaching you is positive or negative, then you will have to work on yourself. Work in increasing your Awareness. It is only when your Awareness is increased to a high level that you can avoid many problems coming your way.

Many people find rituals more important than meditation just because they want to continue on with their old traditions and beliefs and also because they think that by doing any rituals, all their obstacles will disappear but this is totally false. Obstacles do not disappear with any rituals rather they disappear when you go on increasing your Awareness level and act as per Awareness itself.

Well, I can say that people are more addicted to noise and this is why they have chosen rituals because meditation push you to absolute silence and for them, absolute silence is like death. For them, rituals are to be alive and meditation is death. The more they will go away from meditation, the greater they will attract negativity.

With rituals, your negative thoughts will never leave you.

Just tell me, you have been performing rituals since a long time, have you been able to erase all your negative thoughts?

I know very well that it is not possible that way. You will continue on having negative thoughts because rituals are not the proper way of erasing negative thoughts and obstacles from your life. Only Awareness can do this work for you and to increase it you will have to accept the Purification Process which can happen only with Cosmic Energy.

So, in order to save yourself from bad intentions of people, you just have to work on your level of Awareness in order to increase it and then, you will come to know spontaneously when a person is negative towards you or positive. You will also come to know about whether his aura field is negative or positive, even if he has not done any action yet. You will be able to read his mind too.

So, you can benefit from many things only in increasing your Awareness.

Be always Aware, and live life peacefully and blissfully.

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  1. All you share here makes a lot of sense to me. Self-awareness is essential to understanding others too.

    I tend to wear blinders and too often I do not see that a person has their own agenda and even behaving as though they are a friend often just serves its purpose for their own agenda.

    I re-discovered this truth recently when realizing "friends" disappeared when I made the choice to no longer be a part of a group activity.

    Oh well, I need to work on my awareness antenna!



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