Thursday, October 9, 2014


If We Always Do What We Have Always Done Then We Will Always Get What We've Always Got
Yes, if you always do what you used to do, then you will always get the same. 

Life is to grow and growth does not remain the same, it expands whether it is for the physical body or for the states of being. While growth is happening, you have to know the essence of it and for that you have to understand every change that is going on.

Life is not to be lived as you used to live it rather it must be settled along with the changes of growth. You must understand each phase of your life, then only you will be able to accept them and be happy as you are.

Make effort in your own inner growth rather than creating obstacles in your own life.

I know it is difficult to do so but as we have always heard in the past that 'Practice makes Perfect', I can say that nothing is impossible. It needs only your effort. Your regular practice will increase your level of understanding.

Life is beautiful and it is not that difficult to live it. It is you who make it difficult.

If you start practicing regularly to understand yourself better, then it will be easier to understand other people too.

What makes life difficult?

It is just that you want it to be as per your expectations. Many times it happens that you are not in good terms with your close ones, friends or relatives and this is just because you do not understand them. This makes one become tensed and create many illnesses later.

Know that each person has a level of understanding and you cannot expect them to understand you completely. In fact, you do not understand yourself totally, then how is it possible that you can understand others.

So, the key to live a better life is understanding because if you come to understand yourself and others, then you will find life beautiful and easy to live.

What you must do so as you can understand yourself?

First, you have to step into understanding your own nature. In order to understand, you will have to dig your emotions one by one and go deep into each one. Don't let any thought come in between to interrupt you otherwise it will distract you from the right track.

Understand each emotion and don't react to them, just observe them. By observing them deeply, a path will be created which will take you more deeper. This means that your level of understanding is going to increase. You will come to know it later by how you deal with others, whether you understand them better than before. In fact, you will definitely notice your evolution in your understanding level.

A person has a whole life to live and it is best for him or her to live it peacefully and blissfully. For that you need to work on yourself. Don't create obstacles in your own life rather work out to make it the best.

Lots of blessings to all.

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