Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sometimes when you are asleep, you have some dreams.

Dreams emerge from the stored past thoughts of your mind. Some dreams emerge when your astral body travels.

Astral body is your third body, the only one which can travel when you are in relaxed mode.

For astral body to travel, your physical body must be without any movement and you must be very deep in sleep or very deep in meditation.

In deep sleep, your astral body can travel anywhere. It is connected with your navel by a very thin cord of energy.

Sometimes you may dream of being at a specific place where you have never been before and you will feel strange that how can you see such a place in your dream when you have never been to that place yourself.

It is just because astral body can travel anywhere where even your physical body cannot go.

You have not been to that place but you have visited it through your astral body.

Here, you are in sleep and thus, you are in the unconscious state.

When you are deep in meditation, your astral body do leave your physical body and travel.

Your physical body will be inactive but you will be in a conscious state.

You can feel and see that detachment of the astral body from your physical body too.

You can see it through your third eye when it is already activated.

Here, you are conscious of every move of your astral body. You can see the place where it is going and when it comes back into your physical body, then too you come to know it.

You come to know that your astral body has settled in your physical body just by the jerk that the physical body will go through.

Your physical body will move in a way as if it has received an electric shock.

The astral body is with form, a bit bigger than the etheric body. It is of energy and is a subtle one which can pass through any object, fire, water and any place.

When the third eye is activated to a maximum percentage then one can direct the travelling of the astral body too.

One can direct the astral body to go anywhere at any time and see what is happening at that specific place at the same moment.

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