Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sacred Union....

We are here to help each other in our spiritual evolution. This is the greatest gift we can give to others. Showing the way to the Supreme Light. Be compassionate. Create divine love within yourself, go on sharing it with others too. The happiness we get in sharing is the greatest. It is beyond words.

When you meditate deeper and deeper, many layers are uncovered. You find love within you and when you uncover that love, you discover divine love. It's the same for every layer. Go on unveiling layer by layer. Once you discover divine love then you will find that love has disappeared. Love is mixed up with attachment, jealousy and so on. Divine love is detachment with everything and filled with compassion for all.

By unveiling these layers one by one, one day you'll find that you are not. You have been merged with the Supreme Light and that only that Supreme Light exist, nothing else.

Be connected more and more with your own being.


  1. thnx Ma...for Ur love and compassion......Ur guidence is priceless to all of us...

  2. Yes the greatest gift is to help other on spiritual path.....



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