Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Journey to the Ultimate....

With so many bodies, we struggle with our egoes...
Once we take a leap in the inner journey,
Ego drops one by one
Love is accumulated in the place of hatred, jealousy, anger...
We come to know we are the Self not the body
The journey doesn't end here
Only the ego is dropped here
The journey continues
Now that Self expands
And has no limitation
That Self has become the bigger Self
The journey still doesn't end here
That bigger Self continues it's way
Along with full of love and light
Along with overflow of energy
And Lo, it ends in an abyss
Total darkness
Where the bigger Self also dissolves
Where there's no love
Where there's no energy
Where there's no light
Where there's no awareness
Where there's no consciousness
Where there's no time
Where there's no space
Where finally there's absolutely nothing
There's no existence
There's no forms
Complete darkness
Complete silence
Complete relaxation in Itself.......

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  1. v DESIRE to be that complete darkness, complete silence, complete relaxation....



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