Saturday, December 17, 2011


On your path to Truth, u will meet many States of Stillness but Stillness in itself is just a deep relaxation for u to leap into other dimension. Don't get carried away by your emotions that u have arrived when u r in stillness.

Stillness is there only for u to absorb more and more energy so that u r ready to leap into another dimension and more u go deeper and deeper in stillness, your energy level increases. But don't misunderstand stillness of being Truth Itself.

Truth is Beyond Stillness and It cannot be described.........

When u sleep, u absorb a little amount of energy. Sleep is like stillness but unconscious one not conscious one. When u come out of sleep, u welcome another morning. This morning that u welcome is like after each stillness is another dimension.

Why do u sleep?

To give rest to your bodies so that energy can be absorbed for the next day to come.

Same is here, after each stillness, another dimension takes place.............

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