Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beautiful Flowers Blooming and the Significance of their Colors

We all love flowers as they are full of fragrance and colorful. They always look fresh and new.

It's great to observe them closely when they are blooming.

Flowers do not take any permission to release their fragrance They bloom in silence and the fragrance is released but only the one who loves flowers can smell it.

We are also like these flowers, natural but only that we have conditioned ourselves. Flowers are free from any conditioning. They are like birds, free to fly higher as they wish to.

We have to come back to our natural being, removing all the conditioning and living freely like an innocent child. We love flowers because of their beauty, their freshness, their fragrance but we forget that we too are the same.

Bring this freshness, this beauty, this fragrance back in you, by being your real self.

Learn with these flowers, how when the wind blows, they flow with the wind, enjoying, singing.

When it rains, they dance in the rain.

When the sun rises, they rises too along with the sun, radiating their own light.

Find below some beautiful flowers for you:

Purple Dendrobium Orchids

Inner Beauty

The purple color here represents the Inner Beauty of every forms.

What your physical eyes see is only on the periphery.

The real beauty is your Inner Beauty, your pure nature.

White Dendrobium Orchids

The Symbol of Purity

White flowers represent Purity.

It’s just a symbol of Purity, this does not mean that other flowers have no significance.

All flowers do have their own importance. They are beautiful and at the same time they are spreading their fragrance to the maximum.

As their petals are in the process of falling down, their colors start becoming pale and their fragrance too diminishes.

This means that everything which are in forms cannot be permanent. They go on changing forms.

Yellow Mokara Orchids

The Sun

Yellow flowers represent the Sun.

The yellowish color signifies the brightness and shining nature of the Sun.

The Sun goes on shining and thus we benefit a lot from it.
Red Roses

Emotion of LOVE

Red roses represent the emotion of Love.

We do gift roses on Valentine’s Day, it’s just because we wish to show how much we love and care for the other persons.

Cherishing the loved ones comes from within. It is very natural and you must not stop here, you must go more deeper within to surpass that emotion Love which is a conditional one and transforms it into an unconditional one.

Well, I'm not a Professional Photographer but I do love to take pictures which really fascinate me.

When I was taking this picture, I was at first overwhelmed with its beauty.

The beauty of a beautiful rose where its blooming is coming to an end.

Only some few petals were left to open yet and its fragrance was spreading everywhere.

You will notice that when a flower is blooming, then only there’s fragrance and when all the petals has already opened fully, then the fragrance’s intensity diminishes till the petals fell down one by one.

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