Saturday, September 24, 2011

The two searches....Inner and Outer...

There's two kinds of mountain....

One is for the one who is eager for material search and fame.

The second one is for the one who is eager in his inner search.

Both start climbing the mountains, and when both reach at the peak of the mountains...this is perceived by both:

The first one who is eager for material search and fame, bring his ego forward and says 'Look where I've reached, I've reached to the top of all of you. I am richer than you. I have fame and good name in society.' He shows his superiority to all. He shows that he is superior and everyone else is inferior but deep down himself something is missing and that is peace of mind and unconditional love.

The second one who is eager for his inner search, becomes so innocent like a child that he doesn't have to say anything about himself rather he starts helping others to be innocent child again.

This is the lesson of everyone...there are two paths...the choice is yours....

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  1. inner search...inner search....inner search....v want to be ltl child....thnx and pranam Ma...



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